Friday, February 5, 2010

"Moving Forward - And Using Stress As The Engine"

Dear Friend,

Stress has two forms:

Distress: the negative energy which is a toxin in your body

Eustress: which is like an elixir - it's energy, it's riveting. It's a stress or excitement that makes you smile. Eustress is a pleasant feeling of gratification.

Unfortunately, most of us allow eustress to dissapear shortly after it arrives. And then it's gone. In most cases, forever... Until we have that experience again.

Distress keeps coming. And worse, distress doesn't go away. It can hound you for hours, even after the source has come and gone.


You and I take good things for granted. We allow all the bad and negativity in our life to take up a greater role.

Aren't we always eager to talk about how we had the worst experience at the doctor? Or the fair? Or anything?

We always seem to compare notes on who had the shortest straw.

The problem is letting the bad endure. Not filing it away and letting it go.
When something good happens, it last around 4 minutes. Then we're done with it, and on to the next horror story.

Napoleon Hill, famous for writing Think and Grow Rich, said that it's important to "let go" of the past. What's important is that you learn your lesson and move on.

So try this: next time you're distress, think back. Remember a situation of eustress, and change your way of looking at the situation.

Take on a positive, Solution Mindset.

Don't be consumed by the problem.

Everyone can complain about how bad things are. It takes a person like you,
of will, to think of how to make them better.

To YOUR Continued Well Being,

Angel R. Suarez

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